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My romance stories

The Terms of the Sicilian's Marriage by
Craving His Forbidden Innocent by Louise
Proof of Their One Night Passion by Loui
Deal Sealed By Passion by Louise Fuller
Claiming His Wedding Night by Louise Ful
Blackmailed Down the Aisle by Louise Ful
Vows Made in Secret by Louise Fuller USA

The Terms of the Sicilian's Marriage

“You wanted to marry me, and you will.

Only it will be on my terms.”

Vicenzu is surprised by Imma Buscetta. Daughter of the rival who took everything from his family, his plan is to marry her for revenge, yet Imma’s beauty disarms this most nonchalant of tycoons. But he will reclaim what’s rightfully his.

Innocent, stifled Imma throws caution to the wind with Vicenzu. But after just one earth-shattering encounter, she’s stunned when he proposes! Until she learns his motives… If Vicenzu seeks vengeance from their union, she wants freedom. So begins the most passionate of negotiations…

First published in 2020 and available on Amazon here. To find out how the story came to life, visit my Sneak Peek page

Craving His Forbidden Innocent

“I keep my friends close… but my enemies closer.”

Basa may have almost succumbed to their heated attraction once, but after Mimi’s criminal family almost ruined his own, he won’t be fooled twice. But, thrown together for a society wedding, Basa’s fierce control is threatened by her forbidden temptation…

First published in 2020 and available on Amazon here. To read more about my inspiration for this story, take a look at the Sneak Peek page. 

Consequences of a Hot Havana Night

A scorching encounter in the Cuban heat…

Now she’s carrying her boss’s baby!

The wild vibrancy of Kitty’s new home in Havana must be infectious. Why else would the naturally cautious rum distiller have succumbed to the sudden desire to seize one night with a stranger? But if it’s shocking to learn that César is actually her powerful, elusive boss, it’s nothing compared to Kitty’s latest bombshell—she’s pregnant!

First published in 2019 and available on Amazon here

Demanding His Secret Son

‘You want us to get married―again?’

He’ll do anything to secure his shock child!

By the time Theodora realised she was pregnant, her turbulent marriage to Greek hotel magnate Aristotle Leonidas was over. Since then she’s zealously guarded her secret… Until Aristotle discovers his heir and demands Teddie marry him―again! But, even with their chemistry as red-hot as ever, Teddie wants more this time. Now, to claim his son, Aristo must reclaim his wife!

First published 2019 and available on Amazon here

Proof of Their One-Night Passion

Lottie Dawson is stunned to learn finally the identity of her child's father.... the irresistible stranger she spent one incredible night with. Never having known her own father, Lottie must find Ragnar Stone for her daughter's sake - despite being terrified of the way he makes her feel...

Ragnar's chaotic childhood inspired his billion-dollar dating app. He must keep romantic attachments simple. When Lottie reveals that their heart-stopping encounter has had consequences, there's no question that Ragnar will demand his baby. But his feelings for Lottie..? They're infinitely more complicated!

First published in 2019 and available on Amazon here

Revenge at the Altar

Nothing gives Max Montigny more satisfaction than hearing heiress Margot Duvernay say 'I do'. Rejected by her family once before, this time Max holds all the cards - to protect their champagne business Margot must agree to be his bride! But their passionate wedding night tempts Max to forget his vengeful plans and enjoy every sensual moment of their reunion...

First published in 2018 and available on Amazon here

A Deal Sealed by Passion

A high-stakes seduction…

Tycoon Massimo Sforza learned at a young age that emotions are for the weak. He relishes crushing his opponents in the boardroom as much as he enjoys the many women who grace his bed. But his newest adversary is like none he’s ever met before…

Free-spirited gardener Flora Golding is all that stands between Massimo and the acquisition of the stunning Italian palazzo where she’s hiding herself away – but his plan to seduce the antagonistic beauty only serves to make this deal even sweeter! Only Massimo hasn’t counted on Flora’s passion blurring that vital line between business and pleasure…

First published in 2016 and available on Amazon here

Claiming His Wedding Night

“You owe me a honeymoon.”

Addie Farrell’s marriage to casino magnate Malachi King lasted exactly one day, until she discovered their love was a sham. Now, with funding for her children’s charity about to be cut, Addie must face her husband – and their dangerously seductive chemistry – once again!

Humiliated and frustrated after Addie’s sudden departure, Malachi seizes the chance to put the power back where it belongs. In his hands. The deal: Malachi will give her the money she desperately needs, if she returns to his side…and finally he will claim his long-awaited wedding night!

First published in 2016 and available on Amazon here

Blackmailed Down the Aisle

Out-of-work actress Daisy Maddox will do anything for her brother - even sneak into a sleek New York office to return the watch he stole from billionaire Rollo Fleming.

When Rollo catches her red-handed, Daisy is completely at his mercy. Rollo needs a wife to seal a deal and soon events take a wild turn - he demands that Daisy become his temporary wife!

Swept into Rollo's world, Daisy is caught in an intense tangle of emotions. With every searing kiss her guard melts, and she discovers there are unexpected pleasurable advantages to being blackmailed down the aisle...

First published in 2017 and available on Amazon here

Vows Made in Secret

Art expert Prudence Elliot is shocked when a new job brings her face-to-face with Laszlo de Zsadany―the irresistible enigma who blazed through her life like a comet, leaving only her shattered heart in his wake.

Even more shockingly, not only is Laszlo a secret millionaire, but their youthful pledging of love was legally binding―he’s her husband! Prudence is an addiction that Laszlo cannot fight―but surely the heat between them will quickly burn out? Except soon he’s forced to admit that his craving for his wife is blazing out of control…!

First published in 2015 and available on Amazon here

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